Business Advisors & Consultants

Puthran Chartered Accountants offer a complete portfolio of Business Advisory Services in Dubai.
We function as the single window for all business dreams of our clients. We strive to provide quick, customized Business Solutions to aspiring investors in Dubai. We offer our expertise by opening up the identifying the right investment avenues of Dubai for our clients who come with an exorbitant commercial vision. We have always functioned in accordance with the International standards of the country and have been able to do full justice to its clients over the years by providing support and services in …

• Budgeting and forecasting

• Strategic/long range planning

• Mergers/acquisitions/liquidations

• Business valuations

• Venture capital

• Business process re-engineering

• Working Capital Management

• Activity based costing system

• We can provide following services in India:

- Filing tax returns

- Identifying parties for joint venture/collaboration

- Managing your interest/investments in India

- Forming Joint Venture Companies in India

- Getting Government approval for collaboration/foreign investment

- Legal assistance

- Advisory & Consultancy Services